“It is never too late to follow your dreams” is a saying that we have heard 
several times but is it true? The answer to that question may vary depending on who you ask but to an extent it is true. We all have dreams, inspiration and life goals that we desire to achieve. For instance, the desires to own a successful business by twenty-five, become a homeowner by thirty, get married and have kids.

With these dreams many of us lack a sense of direction. Some of us even limit ourselves from obtaining life-changing opportunities and even give up on our dreams. So, is success a mindset or an act of hard work? It is understandable a combination of both a successful mindset and hard work that makes dreams come through. We often find excuses such as “I am too old to start”, “I do not have enough money” and “I will start tomorrow” but tomorrow never come. Life also throws us curve balls and as life goes on it is even more difficult to achieve our goals. Despite, these challenges if one should remain fixated on the obstacles in life we will never succeed and achieve our dreams. Yanique Mckoy is a testament of perseverance even when life seems unbearable or there is no hope. After getting pregnant at sixteen Mckoy picked up the pieces and is now a successful business woman.

Nail Technician, Yanique Mckoy and Learning and Development Manager and Personal Development Coach, Cassandra Shannon shares their views on Sunrise.

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