Is happily ever after more difficult to obtain in the internet age? Traditional love was romantic. It lasted longer than modern love. Modern love is not as romantic in comparison to traditional love. One can argue that in the age of the internet romance has disappeared particularly since many young people are experiencing their first relationship on their mobile phones. Nowadays, virtual relationships are popular. In today’s relationships, it is sometimes challenging to differentiate between virtual and actual reality. This is so because we share our thoughts, feelings, and everyday experiences by texting or posting on social media. Why is it easier to text someone than to go out? We can be whoever we want. We are wearing masks we don’t want to take off. The virtual world is great. Why do we need to meet in person? Is virtual life better than real life? How does this affect and influences our relationships?

 Learning and Development Manager and Personal Development Coach, Cassandra Shannon and Associate Psychologist and Principal Therapist of the Tea House Therapy Group Practice Sonia Wynter shares their perspective on Sunrise. Watch the full discussion here: