Wazari Johnson is a Ceramist with over twenty years of experience producing a wide variety of ceramic items, from decorative plates, diffusers /scented oil burners, ceramic sculptures, teapots, cups, bowls, vases and murals. His work can be found in a wide array of collections including that of the Bank of Jamaica and the former Prime Minister of Jamaica, Honorable Percival James Patterson. Johnson’s work was also among the twelve all-time great Jamaican potters featured on the Bank of Jamaica’s 2005 calendar dubbed “The Potter’s”.  

In 2017,  Johnson participated in a program spearheaded by the Asia Caribbean and Pacific Nations (ACP),  European Union, and the United Nations Development Program, which aided in strengthening the development minerals sector in developing nations. Johnson was a part of a delegation of artisans from the island of Jamaica that were later sent to Tanzania, East Africa for additional training in ceramics. Upon returning to Jamaica he launched a program to work, that involved offering professional training in ceramics.

Ceramist, Wazari Johnson shares more on Sunrise about shaping ceramic pieces and his Ceramic Program. Watch it here: