Wire Trees and Leaves with Shai-Ann Graham

Our guest has always been interested in visual art through crafting. So she later practiced sculpting and what started as a single product of wire trees has now blossomed into a portfolio of wire leaves to tree of life sculptures.

Born in the beautiful parish of Hanover, Shai-Ann’s artistic roots were formed from a mother who enjoyed the performing arts and a father who mastered the visual arts through crafting. Her love for wire designs  sprouted in high school as she prepared for CSEC Visual Arts and CAPE thereafter. Having ranked 3rd in the Caribbean for CAPE Arts she pursued her passion to master her artistry at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts in 2018. Though she entered the university on the grounds of exploring animation and graphic design, sculpting remained as an embedded love. 

This now blossoming love was discovered by popular jeweler Duane Bennett, founder of Reve Jeweler who motivated her to continue working on her craft. Under his wings Shai-Ann’s crafted designs were showcased on the 2018 “Touch of France” runway and later published in the Outlook. Her talent knows no bounds as she continued to explore the depths of wire sculpting birthing Shai’s Creation, a registered online art décor shop. Over the years Shai-Ann’s very first product ‘wire trees’ has evolved as she draws inspiration around her and looks to other wire artists for inspiration and knowledge. 

What started as a single product has now blossomed into a portfolio that ranges from wire trees, wire leaves, tree of life sculptures and even handcrafted nose and ear cuffs. Shai-Ann continues to build her skill through practicing, recreating works, taking on customer’s specially customized works and completing online courses. A force to reckon with as she aims to market her designs in stores, pharmacies and even gift shops making her brand more known and accessible to customers.