Nastassia Brown, Owner of Darksapphire’s Bella Vita offers skin care products and candles that are specially curated to introduce the appeal of a multidimensional practice of self-care, using organic products to achieve the best result.

The concept “Bella Vita” is the Latin equivalent to “beautiful life”. Taking care of oneself is the epitome of self-love. It is those ideal set of activities pursued to elevate our state of mind and physical health. It was through my own practices & the benefits gained, that the idea of curating luxury boxes with everyday self-improvement items for others to enjoy emerged. While also combating the many afflictions we are faced with; mentally, physically & emotionally.

Let’s face it, life can be challenging but at the end of the day we cannot allow our challenges to get the best of us. These specially crafted pieces introduced, appeals to the multidimensional practices of Self-Care. Which we can only achieve the best from using the best, thus, Organic was the only way to go!