Health Care Workers Are Simply Humans In Capes

Healthcare workers are the heroes in our health system, wearing the cape and combating the virus head on. However, underneath there medical cape is a human who is just as concerned about their health as anyone else.

Dr. Andrew Manning, President of the Medical Association of Jamaica, shares the challenges healthcare workers face and the protocols they should adhere to in order to keep themselves safe.

Healthcare workers are on the front line tackling the virus to make the nation healthy again. However, many times we forget that they too are humans and are just as susceptible to the virus.

President of the Medical Association of Jamaica, Dr. Andrew Manning is reminding healthcare workers that the most important thing to do is to first take care of self. 

Manning adds that Doctors who have their private practices should make patients set appointments by phone and inform them of the virus and the protocols before hand.

He also advises Doctors to tell patients to stay home if they are only having mild symptoms, to schedule patients far apart so as to minimize the number of people in the waiting room and insist on them wearing a mask before coming to the office.

However, Manning adds that some of the challenges the workers face are long-live problems, being short staffed and shortage of resources to protect themselves regardless of their increased risk of contracting the virus both in the Public and Private Sectors.

He says healthcare workers too have notably increased stress knowing they are part of the high risk group. He encourages medical workers to maintain healthy diets and exercise and pay attention to their mental health.

Manning says regardless of the relatively low COVID-19 death rate compared to other countries, the virus should be taken seriously. He reiterated the protocols of maintaining social distance, keeping away from crowds and wearing masks. 

CVM LIVE‘s Paige Dixon brings this story: