From a candle collector to a successful business owner specializing in handmade luxurious scented beeswax candles. That is the story of the Owner of Tropic Flair, Nadene Monteith. The idea to create handmade candles was unearthed in 2015 when Monteith’s husband challenged her to develop a skill. She explained that her desire to master the art of pouring candles came naturally and she was determined to master it.

Tropic Flair offers a wide variety of products from scented candles to wax melts, mosquito and fly repellent and aromatherapy among other products. Tropic Flair Eco-smart Products are made from natural and locally harvested beeswax. To ensure great quality each candle is hand-poured, made with cotton and or wooden wicks and infused with pure organic essential oils.

Tropic Flair also offers a variety of scented candles including one seasonal scent. Minty Lemongrass, Citrus Blend, Vanilla Almond, Lavender Blossom, Coconut Keylime, Cinnamon Classic, Irie Rose and Sorrel Fruitcake (Seasonal Christmas and Thanksgiving).

Owner of Tropic Flair, Nadene Monteith shares more about her products on Sunrise. Watch the interview here: