Scented Candles With Jo-Ann Morris, Owner of Rachael Lane

Jo-Ann Morris

Jo-Ann Morris, the founder of the Rachael Lane brand is the holder of a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies from the University of Technology.  After graduation, Jo-Ann worked as Junior Architect at the Norman Manley International Airport for six years, up to October 2019 when she was made redundant.  With a new outlook on life and a longing to establish a family business, Jo-Ann decided to develop Rachael Lane as a premier Jamaican brand with the intention of taking the brand international.

Rachael Lane was founded out of Jo-Ann’s passion for scents, colours and textures and from creating her own body butters and creams.  Her curiosity and need to create her own scents led her to research and experiment until she started making her own candles and gifting them to friends and family.  When Jo-Ann saw her mother creating soaps and experimenting with the oils and scents, she jokingly thought the two could start their own business doing candles, soaps and other body products.   The idea took root and when Jo-Ann was made redundant, it seemed like the timing was perfect to explore the creation of the business and Rachael Lane was formed.

Jo-Ann also designs and drafts plans for home construction and renovation.  She loves to travel, read and experience new things.

Charmaine Rachael Morris

Charmaine is the co-founder of Rachael Lane created by the mother-daughter duo of Charmaine and Jo-Ann Morris.  A graduate of the University College of the Caribbean with a Commonwealth Executive Master of Business Degree, Charmaine has over 30 years of working experience; 15 of which were at the management level.  She has worked in manufacturing, trade, banking, hospitality, among others. 

Charmaine is a writer who has published in the Jamaica Observer’s Book Ends, won gold, silver and bronze medal in more than one JCDC Literary Festival competition, and her gold medal story, My Man Marcus, is featured in the JDCD’s compilation of gold medal stories.  

A creative at heart, Charmaine was always designing and making. She recently learnt ceramics and is currently learning calligraphy.  Charmaine remembers that when she was a child, her mother and sisters would receive goods from abroad and in these goods would be soaps from England that smelt heavenly.  She particularly like the lavender soaps which she would sniff all the time.  As an adult, Charmaine has not lost that love for scented things.  She found herself watching videos and reading about making soaps and wondered if she too could do this.  She experimented and eventually got it right.  The soaps were a success that she gifted to friends and family for over a year before perfecting the formula into the skin-loving goodness that are sold under the Rachael Lane brand. 

About Rachael Lane

Rachael Lane was founded by mother and daughter duo, Charmaine and Jo-Ann Morris. Charmaine always had a love for all things handmade and decided to experiment with soap making. Before long she began gifting these soaps to friends and family. Around the same time, Jo-Ann, a lover of all things fragrance began experimenting with blending fragrance oils and creating her own candles. These two hobbies, turned passion, soon turned into a leap of faith when Jo-Ann faced redundancy in 2019.