Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the Zone of Special Operation has worked in West Kingston by reducing crime levels in the constituency. He made the statement while speaking at a meeting in the area. According to him, West Kingston is no longer contributing to the murder rate in the country.

“The interventions that we have put in place particularly for Denham Town, the security measures have worked. Crime is way down. Not just in Denham Town where we have the zones of special operation but entire constituency of Western Kingston,” he explained.

In the past, West Kingston was marred by crime, particularly gun violence. The 2010 Tivoli Incursion, joint military-police operation, still stands out in the memory of many. Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the Government of Jamaica is aiming to transform the perception of West Kingston.

“I don’t want the people of Jamaica to feel that the people of West Kingston love war. That’s not the case. When war a gwaan (is happening) they call me saying Prime Minister please do something. Like everywhere else and everyone else they want to live in peace. They want to be able to sell in their markets legitimately and peacefully and earn their bread,” he explained.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the Government is now working to ensure a safer Jamaica for all citizens as it moves closer to the Vision 2030 goal.