June 22, 2019

The Jamaica Association for the resettlement of returning residents are calling for the establishment of a “World Windrush Day” that will acknowledge the struggles and efforts made by Caribbean migrants in the United Kingdom (UK).  

A move has been implemented as the Windrush generation to underscore the issues that migrants face after being neglected of services and benefits despite being a legal citizen of the UK.

It has been 71yrs since caribbean migrants arrived in Britain to assist in rebuilding the nation after the devastation of World War two.

Windrush migrants who have been deported from the UK have gathered in one space to share their stories and reflect back on the discrimination they had to endure as well as being neglected of their fundamental rights.

President of the Jamaica Association for the resettlement of returning residents noted that the British government has offered compensation for some caribbean migrants.

Just a few weeks ago a victim of the windrush scandal died without receiving compensation. It has been reported that he has been waiting for his case to be tried so that he could return back to Jamaica.

Other victims of the Windrush scandal are awaiting for these issues to be resolved and ushered out of the system.