Come June 1, employees who have been working from home since March as part of measures to contain the coronavirus (COVID-19), will be allowed to return to work. 
 This was announced by Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, who indicated that Government will not be renewing the work-from-home order when it expires at the end of May. 
 However, Mr. Holness pointed out that workers who are 65 and over and those who suffer from co-morbidities are to remain home. 
 “We intend to allow persons other than our vulnerable population, who are working persons, to return to work effective June 1,” he said during a virtual press conference on Monday (May 18) at the Office of the Prime Minister Media Centre in Kingston. 
 But, the Prime Minister said all the normal infection prevention and safety protocols would need to be in place for the June 1 resumption. 
 “The various protocols for factories, workplaces, banking halls, etc. are being developed in conjunction with the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ),” he informed. 
 The return to the workplace is in keeping with Government’s efforts to encourage the smart resumption of full production capacity. 
 “This is a further signal that Jamaica has to learn to live with COVID-19,” the Prime Minister noted. 
 In the meantime, Mr. Holness said the Government is working hard to ensure that all its decisions and actions are in the best interest of the citizens and that Jamaica comes out of the pandemic as a stronger nation.