West Kingston Member of Parliament, Desmond Mckenzie has called on residents in his constituent to prepare themselves for general elections. He made the statement while calling on the elderly to get the help they need to be ready for the polls.

With Jamaica’s next general election constitutionally due by 2021, West Kingston Member of Parliament Desmond Mckenzie is telling residents to get ready.

“Next year have a whole lot of certainties and uncertainties. I just putting you on notice. Oil up your wheelchair. Those of you who have wheelchair we know you,” Mckenzie added.

The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) has held a series of area council meetings in 2019. Its main call was for supporters to unite and vote that they remain in office to complete promises made in 2016 political campaigns. Mckenzie who is a deputy leader of the JLP is continuing that call.

“When the time comes you will hear what it is you will be able to go out there to continue the tradition that you have started. We are the only constituency in Jamaica since 1962 that has remained loyal to one political party and that is the Jamaica Labour Party,” he added.

Back in October, Mckenzie had announced that the area councils had begun to mobilize by filling vacancies in Local and Central Government in preparation for general elections and the Local Government elections which are due in 2020.