August 2, 2019

Following a CVM LIVE investigation into the alleged mistreatment of workers in the private security industry, we contacted a member of the trade union movement to get their take on the way in which the businesses are run.

Head of the Hugh Shearer Labour Studies Institute at the University of the West Indies, Danny Roberts, says a lack of enforcement of government policies is the reason the security guards are facing issues and called on the government to protect the interest of the workers in the industry.

Following reports earlier this year that security companies are denying security guards benefits like laundry and paying them below the minimum wage, Mr. Roberts revealed that some security firms were being investigated by the Ministry of Social Security, many of whom have contract with the government.

According to the trade unionist, studies show that the way in which workers are treated impacts their overall performance, while adding that the government should move to resolve the fixed work contract rubric.

Jamaila Maitland