June 26,2019

A close calculation of two hundred and fifty college students have been accused of submitting falsifying documents to the US embassy, in an effort to obtain a J-1 visa.

The J-1 visa grants students the opportunity to travel to the states allowing them to work legally on the cultural exchange program, while enabling students to generate an income that is often used to cover tuition and other school related expenses up on returning back home.

Immigration Lawyer based in the United States, Opal Lee says students should be concerned about the longevity of their actions as these actions tend to be long standing and will have negative implications on their future pursuits, particularly reapplying for a visa. 

She also says that there is a strong possibility that the agencies recruiting students on the cultural exchange programs will alter a student’s document in an effort to build their profile without informing the student.

She says that the responsibility is on the student to ensure that they do their thorough background checks before signing up with an agency offering the services and that students should be cognizant of what they are signing, while adding that students should always seek legal assistance if they are uncertain about the credibility of an entity. 

She says investigations are still being carried out by the US embassy. As such, she is unable to say which schools exactly are tied in the visa saga. 

She adds that the embassy was made aware of the issue, however, it was not entirely sure of the allegations until they had conducted their independent investigations which made the shocking revelation. 

From a legal angle, she believes that the schools embroiled in the ordeal will be silent on the matter to protect the image of their institution.