Communications and Customer Service Manager at the National Workers Agency, Stephen Shaw has provided an update on the ongoing Road Improvement Projects in the Corporate area. Shaw says although they had not met some of the established timelines, they are still on track with the projects.

A total of 66 projects aimed at improving traffic flow were undertaken in all parishes at a cost of $5.8 Billion.

Among them were the US$19-million Constant Spring Road improvement project and the US$56-million Hagley Park Road improvement project. Communications and Customer Service Manager at the National Works Agency, Stephen Shaw says the agency is near to closing out the projects.

“Outstanding items are being ticked off, corrective works are being done , signs are being erected and we are quite confident that before too long persons will start to enjoy the full benefit of the work that we would have set ourselves a couple years ago,” says Shaw.

Throughout the road works, complaints have been made by residents about water disruption due to damaged pipelines and insufficient signs erected to indicate road detours or closures. Shaw, however, explains that there is some minor work to be done.

“In the case of Constant Spring Road, we had been doing the work this past weekend on one outstanding drainage system or drainage pipe that we had not yet done because of some precursor items and so that activity should be behind us and that will then pave the way for some final works to place in that vicinity,” the NWA Communications and Customer Service Manager explains.

With regards to drainage pipes in the road construction areas, Shaw says improvements have been made.

“We do drainage works in the context of rehabilitative works and where we would have seen the need for spot improvement.”