New Police Training Facility to Be Built in St. Elizabeth

Following a gunfight in August Town on Thursday night in which a soldier and a resident were shot, Security Minister Dr. Horace Chang says upon recommendations from the commanding officers there will be a joint effort to rid the community of gangs that have been wreaking havoc.

Chang says traditional and academic interventions have been employed to fight crime in the community but those methods have failed miserably.

He says there will be a new approach, which involves police and soldiers going into the community to isolated and remove gunmen.

And for the attack on members of the security forces, Chang says the act is of great concern as it is a disrespect of law and order.

The Security Minister was speaking during his tour of the police training facility at tranquility bay in St. Elizabeth on Friday .

He says the ministry is committed to investing added resources to properly tackle crime and violence plaguing the country.

Commissioner of Police, Major General Antony Anderson says the new training facility is a part of the JCF’s crime plan.

Member of Parliament for Southwest St. Elizabeth, Floyd Green says the new facility will help in community building and also to aspire community members to join the police force.