Maiden and Lime Cays Ordered Closed Following DRMA Breach

There was a growing crowd out at sea, as persons opt to party on the Maiden and Lime Cays. 

This, as the Government puts a fifteen person limit on gatherings in public spaces and prohibits entertainment events, in light of the realities of COVID-19.

The cays were ordered closed on Monday leaving the Marine Police with another task on their to-do list.

As  CVM Live set sail with six members of the Marine Police Division we observed only a few fishing boats.

When we approached Lime cay it was empty,  only fishermen were seen pulling in their nets.

However, over by Maiden Cay there was some action noticeable.

Three people were on a yacht, the police questioned the occupants and then requested their documents.

They were then warned by the police before being instructed to leave the cay.

Persons normally charter a boat taxi from Port Royal to take them to the cays, others travel on yachts.

The cays are busiest on weekends but the police say the holiday season is likely to bring beach goers to the cays on weekdays .

The police in the meantime are seeking the corporation of individuals.