Outside the Constant Spring Police Station, family members and friends of the missing entertainer Stephany Williams, known by her stage name Medikk, took to the streets in protest. Their frustration is palpable as they received no answers for weeks following Medikk’s sudden disappearance, despite their efforts to locate her.  Desperate to find her daughter, Miss McCurdy pleads for help from the nation. She explains that, despite providing information to the police, there have been no new developments, and no suspects have been named.

A close friend of the family, Reverend Dexter Johnson, issues a stark warning to the nation. He emphasizes that this situation could have happened to anyone and expresses concern over the deafening silence surrounding the case. The challenge they face is that no one is coming forward with information. Meanwhile, the distressed mother reflects on her resilience and the struggles she faced in raising her three girls, which eventually led them to a better life. Watch the report:

Reporter: Celine Campbell