Jamaican Businesses on Alert as Cyber-Attacks Surge, Costing Billions Annually- Local businesses face heightened cybersecurity risks leading to annual losses of billions in Jamaica. CyberEYE Caribbean’s launch in Kingston aimed to address this issue, offering affordable solutions to safeguard businesses. The summit united experts, officials, and leaders, highlighting the urgent need for cybersecurity measures in the Caribbean, where attacks are escalating.

The event emphasized the region’s vulnerability, attracting renowned speakers like Trevor Forrest, stressing the Caribbean’s attractiveness to cybercriminals due to insufficient protective measures. These attacks incur far more than initial costs, impacting reputation, compliance, and stakeholder confidence.

Experts like Stuart Jubb from Crossword Plc Group emphasized proactive monitoring, underscoring the need for continuous cybersecurity efforts. Lieutenant Colonel Godphey Sterling urged a collective approach, emphasizing awareness and training as pivotal components.

CyberEYE Jamaica Director, Anthony Smith, highlighted the need for robust cybersecurity in Jamaica’s digital transformation. The summit also addressed the AI’s dual role in cybersecurity, urging proactive investment in research.

Insider threats were recognized by Chukwuemeka Cameron, citing the Data Protection Act’s relevance. Chris Reckord stressed the need for proactive cybersecurity investments in an era where basic defenses are inadequate against sophisticated cyber threats.

CyberEYE Caribbean, a global cybersecurity organization, collaborates worldwide, offering risk assessments, technical solutions, and incident response to fortify cybersecurity strategies.