CXC Exams Begin

There were a number of issues leading up to the CXC exams following the COVID-19 outbreak, but now that it has started, the concerns have shifted to how students will perform. Months of hard work including learning via virtual platforms and in some cases self-study has prepared students for this very moment with their results expected to play a part in their move to higher learning. In weeks leading up to the exams, some students had expressed confidence while others were worried that issues with accessing internet services would affect their overall performance.

President of the Jamaica Teacher’s Association, Owen Speid says, at present, it is difficult to assess how they will perform

“The CSEC and CAPE won’t have the paper 2 this time around so we have to really have to look at what they have done so far in terms of reading, knowing the content in detail because that is what multiple-choice exams are all about,” he said. “You have to know the content and if you don’t know the content you are going to struggle because the option is either right or wrong. You can’t go explaining yourself to get extra marks.”

Speid who has visited several schools across the island, says educators have played their part in preparing students for the exam but now, it is up to the students to execute accordingly.

“More or less the teachers feel that they have given it their best shot and they believe that the children will do well enough. We can’t say how well. We can’t say how paper 2 not being there will affect the overall outcome. we’re just keeping our fingers cross and we are just praying that children will keep good health and survive the period under consideration for the exam.”

Speid says he would also like to see the trial run of a bus system.