CRH Coping Despite Nurses and Doctors Out Sick

Despite dozens of nurses and several doctors at the Cornwall Regional Hospital, (CRH) in St. James being out sick, the hospital has been readjusting in an effort to continue managing COVID-19 and other medical patients.

Clinical Coordinator at the Western Regional Health Authority, (WRHA) Dr. Delroy Fray, provided the update on Tuesday, September 14. He also advised that there has not been any complaint of any oxygen shortage over the past few weeks.

As at Monday, September 13, 35 of about 377 nurses assigned to the CRH and 6 doctors, had been out sick. That is according to Dr. Delroy fray, who adds that the vast majority of nurses absent, might have been exposed to COVID-19 or tested positive.

Dr. Fray says there are 291 hospitalized patients, 199 being medical patients of which he says 79 are COVID-19 positive and 27 awaiting test results. He says the absence of doctors and nurses has undoubtedly affected the services provided at the hospital; however, they have been able to rotate their colleagues in order to fill the deficient areas.

Having said that, he notes that there has not been much reduction in COVID-19 hospitalizations since the lockdowns.

Dr. Fray is however hoping the volume of COVID-19 patients will decrease in the coming weeks, thereby providing doctors and nurses with some much-needed relief. Meanwhile, the Clinical Coordinator says there has been a steady supply of oxygen at Cornwall Regional Hospital.

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