The Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) has been significant throughout the past 15 years, playing an integral role in driving the innovation and development of the local tourism sector, and enriching the lives of Jamaican citizens through key community projects.

This particularly holds true in the tourism capital of Montego Bay and the wider St. James, where the TEF has been effective in solving social issues and creating new opportunities for the people of the parish.

At the recent launch of the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce Expo 2019, held at S Hotel in St. James, Chairman of the organisation, Godfrey Dyer, outlined that the TEF has numerous projects in the parish.

The construction of a state-of-the-art beach park at Closed Harbour Beach in Montego Bay is one of a number of recent pioneering initiatives that the agency has wholeheartedly endorsed in the city.

The TEF has contributed $700 million towards the funding of the major development on the 16-acre property commonly known as ‘Dump-up’ Beach. This is being undertaken in partnership with the Urban Development Corporation (UDC).

“The Tourism Enhancement Fund has given Montego Bay its own cultural centre (Montego Bay Cultural Centre) in the historic Sam Sharpe Square. You must also know that the Tourism Enhancement Fund is responsible for rescuing a historic landmark and the source of Montego Bay’s first case of domestic water supply, the Creek Dome. The repairs of the dome were done by us,” Mr. Dyer pointed out.