The Portland Poor Relief Department has received much-needed support to continue its work of providing for those who require assistance. A donation was made by the Touch One Heart foundation in the parish as a means of empowering, inspiring and educating the masses.

The Poor Relief Department, which falls under the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development, was established to relieve poverty and destitution among citizens in Jamaica.

One Portland charity has seen the need to give back to the parish’s oldest charitable organization, the Poor Relief Department to provide support for those in need including the elderly and children.

Under the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development, the Poor Relief Department aims to build local housing, improve infirmaries across the country, and build drop-in centers for persons living on the streets.

An acting inspector at the Portland Poor Relief department, Sharon Johnson has lauded the touch one heart foundation for its support, which she says will aid many who require their support. She says the aim is to break the cycle of poverty in families.