A powerful example of a support for a student is showcased at the William Knibb Memorial High School in Trelawny.

Sitting among the boys and girls of his class, is one special student. This little helper is 14-year-old Steven Dunn, a grade seven student who has overcome many obstacles.

His mother, Sandrica Mae, describes her son as a shy individual but according to her, he is the strong one.

Even with a major fault, the bond between friends is incomparable. Brandon Morris is one such friend and the sort of friendship he has shown to Steven is to be commended.

Mica Madurie-Muir, Steven’s Form Teacher, says the help from the other students allows the transition from class to class for Steven to appear seamless.

It is not without difficulties however as the school has not been equipped with ramps for those that requires the service of such. 

Steven thanks those who have who assisted him thus far along his journey and in part two, the reasons for his loss in mobility unfolds.