June 16, 2019

While we strive to inspire, the determination of Steven Dunn also continues before our eyes.

In part two, Sandrica Mae recounted the moment she realized her son was no longer able to walk due to his Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy; a rare genetic condition known to affect his muscles.

As Sandra continues in part three, she expresses that she is still unable to digest the diagnosis given at the Cornwall Regional Hospital.

She noted that the nurse detailed that children with the disease, do not live past the age of seventeen and with Steven being thirteen, Mae continues to worry for the fate of her son.

“Just thinking about it; trust me I continue to ask god, why my son?” Mae would ask as she remembers the difficulties she has encountered.

Sandrica Mae says despite the distance between Steven and his father, they now enjoy a great father and son relationship.

While her other children, aged 4 and 14, were fathered by other men, her spouse has extended himself to all three children and she is happy that her children are at a place to know the role of a father.