July 30, 2019

Member of parliament for Eastern Portland, Ann-Marie Vaz is condemning the killing of a teacher in the parish. 

Latoya Hill, an educator from the David Lane community, is believed to have been killed by her boyfriend following an altercation on Tuesday morning.

Neighbors reportedly heard the voice of a female screaming for help and begging for her life.

Residents say a man was later seen pulling what appeared to be the body of a female from the house Ms. Hill and her common-law husband shared towards a vehicle. 

The man reportedly made several attempts to place the body of the female inside the vehicle but left the body at the side of the road and sped-off when his attempts proved futile.

The police were summoned to the scene. Ms. Hill was later pronounced dead. 

The suspect, thought to be the common-law husband is currently at large. 

In the meantime, Mrs. Vaz says there is no room for domestic violence in East Portland and it is time that women are given the respect and protection they deserve. 

Khadijah Thomas