July 29, 2019

There are calls for the government to regulate surrogacy on the island. 

It’s the process where a woman agrees to carry and give birth to a child for someone else in exchange for money. And the practice has caught the attention of one government senator. 

Senator Kerenisa Morrison is calling for consultation on the issue as it is beleived that women are advertising to be surrogates.

“There’s an undeniable urgent need for it (surrogacy) to be regulated” Senator Morrison says. 

The senator further argues that if nothing is done to address surrogacy in Jamaica, abusive commercial surrogacy will continue to move from one country to another. 

“We fear that without having this (surrogacy) framework surrogacy arrangement will very well amount to the buying and selling of children” Ms. Morrison later says. 

Interested parties are now being invited to join the conversation on surrogacy as it could well become big business. 

Robian Williams

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