Students are now preparing for the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) exams, scheduled to start in approximately two months. The education ministry made the decision after meeting with principals to determine whether the exam would go ahead as dictated by the CXC. Some students appear to be pleased with the decision

“I feel like I am ready because I have been studying alot even though school is closed,” says secondary school student, Kemoya Johnson.

Another student who attends Port Antonio High, Sanjay Moses, says,” I feel like I will pass. I am ready.”

A parent also echoed his sentiments saying her daughter is prepared for the exams.

However, another parent predicts issues:

“The date for the exam is announced for July 27 but what I was thinking is results are not going to be on time because many students will go back to school. The results are normally not on time. Maybe it wont be available later in the year. So, how will they deal with that knowing that those results are needed for students going to sixth form,” says Nadine.

The Caribbean Secondary Certificate and Caribbean Advanced proficiency exams are normally held during May and June of each year. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has rocked several Caribbean territories, resulting in the postponement of the exams. Previously, the council proposed that July 3 be the start date for exams, but Jamaica’s education ministry countered on the grounds that the students need more time to prepare.

Some students are expecting the markers for the exams to be more lenient with their grading structure, given the limited access to the internet and online classes for a large body of students.

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