The Member of Parliament for St Andrew Western, Anthony Hylton is calling for the Government to carefully examine the ongoing state of public emergency in the St Andrew South Division.

According to him, residents within these communities feel restricted and are not able to continue evening social activities due to the curfews in place.

The member of parliament says he has been in dialogue with residents about their concerns and also share these matters to Parliament. However, since then there has been no form of action taken.

Speaking with CVM LIVE, he shared that even nine night activities have to be canceled and this affects families.

The State of Emergency for the St Andrew South Division became effective on Sunday July 7, 2019. Initially, the state of emergency was implemented for a fourteen (14) day period but later extended to October 5.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness along with heads of security forces had stated that the enhanced security measure was declared to control the crime situation within that particular division.

Since implemented, curfews have been carried out to allow soldiers and police to properly function within their required roles.

Member of Parliament, Anthony Hylton, however believes that the government should consider making amendments to the states of emergency to ensure that social interests can still be facilitated.

– Khadijah Thomas