FIFA has launched a disciplinary case against Luis Rubiales, the President of Spain’s Soccer Federation, following his actions during the Women’s World Cup victory celebration. The governing body’s committee will assess whether Rubiales violated conduct rules that pertain to decency and respect for the sport.

During the trophy ceremony after Spain’s 1-0 win over England, Rubiales kissed player Jenni Hermoso on the lips, a gesture she expressed discomfort with. Earlier, he made a questionable gesture in the presence of Queen Letizia and Princess Sofía. The National Players’ Union, representing Hermoso, urged consequences for Rubiales’ actions. “FIFA reaffirms its commitment to upholding individuals’ integrity and condemns any inappropriate behavior,” stated the soccer body, refraining from specifying the incidents under investigation.

No timetable for the ruling was provided, as the disciplinary judges have the authority to impose sanctions ranging from warnings to suspensions. Rubiales’ conduct has attracted attention, particularly due to his role as a Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Vice President and his influence within European soccer. The Spanish Soccer Federation is set to address the controversy in an emergency meeting, though it remains uncertain whether support for Rubiales will endure amidst calls for his removal.

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