In a press release issued today, the REAL SOLID ACTION group has urged for the immediate suspension of the Jamaica Women’s Premier League (JWPL), citing ongoing issues and concerns regarding its management.

Read the release:

For immediate release
Thursday, March 28

The following is a statement from the RSA Team regarding the Women’s Competition now on

The REAL SOLID ACTION group, in continuance of its support for the genuine development of Jamaica’s football calls for the immediate suspension of the Jamaica Women’s Premier League (JWPL).

Following cancellations, postponements, fines and withdrawals, the most recent faux pax was the abandonment of the Frazsiers Whip vs Mobay game. Mobay was reduced to six players.

The manner in which the competition is being run is unsustainable and is bringing the game into disrepute. The competition has been reduced to seven teams, most of which cannot field teams on a regular basis. Even more so the health of players are at high risk. In the face of all this, teams are still being charged large amounts as a heartless administration tries to maintain the unsustainable. In the face of no effort to address the problems, players are being split between the school league and this farce of a premier league.

When this situation is combined with what is happening with the Senior national team, it is clear that the administration has no regard for the women’s game at any level and the country could easily return to 2014 when there was no women’s game. We call for a meeting between the JFF with club representation, and ISSA to resolve this situation as soon as possible.


About the REAL SOLID ACTION Group – this group continues to advocate for the efficient and effective management of football in and for Jamaica.