This past Saturday at Caymanas Park, horse racing enthusiasts witnessed an exhilarating display of skill and prowess as NORBLAR and DIVINE FORCE secured victories in their respective Vestia Trophy divisions. Guided by talented jockeys and under the expert training of their handlers, these horses showcased their speed and endurance over distances of fifteen hundred meters, leaving a lasting impression on the racing community.

NORBLAR Secures Vestia Trophy Division I Triumph:

In a breathtaking performance, NORBLAR, ridden by the skilled jockey Christopher Mamdeen and trained by Gresford Smith, emerged triumphant in the Vestia Trophy Division One. The race, exclusively for imported three-year-olds and up, saw NORBLAR’s exceptional speed and strategic maneuvering secure the coveted title. The victory not only highlights the horse’s prowess but also showcases the synergy between jockey and trainer in achieving success at the highest level of competition.

DIVINE FORCE Triumphs in Vestia Trophy Division II:

Simultaneously, the Vestia Trophy Division Two unfolded with the American-bred horse DIVINE FORCE claiming victory. Under the expert guidance of jockey Tevin Foster and the training prowess of former champion trainer Philip Feanny, DIVINE FORCE showcased its strength and speed, outpacing the competition over the challenging fifteen hundred meters. The win adds another feather to the cap of both jockey and trainer, reinforcing their reputation as forces to be reckoned with in the horse racing world.

The Vestia Trophy races at Caymanas Park provided spectators with thrilling moments as NORBLAR and DIVINE FORCE conquered their respective divisions. These victories not only celebrate the skill and coordination between jockeys and trainers but also mark the exceptional talent of these horses in the competitive world of horse racing. As the racing season progresses, all eyes will be on NORBLAR and DIVINE FORCE, eager to witness their continued success on the track.


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