In an effort to strengthen the links and support system within the Diaspora, plans are afoot for a new structure to engage Jamaicans living across the globe.

This will see the commissioning of a new body, the ‘Global Jamaica Diaspora Council’ which will succeed the Jamaica Diaspora Advisory Board.

The Global Jamaica Diaspora Council will be made up of 28 members, 14 of whom are to be elected from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

The remaining members are to be appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade from among leaders in the Diaspora.

The nomination process is underway, through an on-line portal and will end on the 17th of November.

Voting is slated to start on November 21, through to December 15.

The council will be established in January 2020.

But the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade are being urged to not politicize the council.

Contention is brewing as members of the Diaspora Advisory Board in the Us Northeast Region are saying that consultations were limited to just a few members of the Diaspora.

The Foreign Ministry is however refuting such a claim.

Members of the Diaspora advisory Board in the US Northeast Region are appealing to the Foreign Ministry to ensure that elected members of the Global Jamaica diaspora Council are representatives of their communities and not solely advisors to the Ministry.

Meanwhile the People’s National Party is also questioning this move.

What methodology was used for consulting with the Diaspora?

And will this council be a true representative body of the Diaspora community or the Government of Jamaica?

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