A six month old baby is now dead and two others injured now in serious condition following a shooting incident in Hendon, Norwood St James.

The incident reportedly happened on Saturday at 8:20 pm when patrons were at the Fi Wi Bar. It is reported that a motor vehicle drove up and men alighted with rifles and handguns. They opened fire on the patrons who fled the scene, however, before leaving the area, they fired shots in the direction of house where a 6 month old baby was sleeping.

The Police were alerted to the scene and upon their arrival they found two men and the 6 month old with gun shot wounds. All three were taken to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where the child was pronounced dead and the men admitted in serious condition.

The incident has left a tense atmosphere in the community with residents questioning the purpose of the State of Public Emergency which has been ongoing since April 30th.

They say more soldiers and police officers are needed to keep crime and violence out of their community.

The residents who spoke on condition of anonymity explained that the security officers are not patrolling certain communities in the parish.