The service disruptions with telecommunications providers Flow and Digicel continues, and customers are making more complaints. They believe that there is a deeper issue to service problems than they are being told. One resort owner told CVM LIVE, that as it regards Flow, he will not be using their service again.

“Flow being the only provider here, we are left in the bush with no alternative but to use Flow. When we offer free internet service to guests and they come here expecting to have it and they do not or it is slow, they come to us and they say they want a refund. We have to compensate them,” says the Chairman of Sea-cliff Resort in Portland.

He says he had an encounter with a businessman who was unable to complete work due to lack of internet connection.

” We had to refund him his money – partially. It is costly to refund guests.”

Adding to this, his son who is the Chief Executive Officer say often have to offer customers other free services to mitigate the cost.

” They provide 4 megabytes of service for sixty something thousand dollars per month and not once have they offered to refund us.”

In response to these reports, the Opposition Spokesperson on Science, Technology and Information, Julian Robinson believes that the issue might be greater than vandalism and infrastructural challenges. 

CVM LIVE contacted the Minister of Tourism for a response to concerns about the negative impact of service disruptions on businesses in the sector. we will provide you with a response once provided.