July 31, 2019

Opposition spokesperson on land and the environment, Senator Sophia Frazer-Binns is calling for a study to assess the impact on the lives of residents in the Cockpit Country from mining.

Ms. Binns has joined forces with special interest groups to present a united front against mining in the area and the status of the protected land. 

The senator says over a year since the Prime Minister Andrew Holness made a declaration that areas of the Cockpit Country would be demarcated as a protected area, the matter is yet to be settled. 

Ms. Frazer-Binns further noted that they are concerned about the government granting a lease to mining company Naronda for mining to take place in the area. 

In the meantime, for some living in the community of Gibraltar in South West St. Ann, the bauxite mining operation has been taking a toll on their health. 

Ms. Frazer-Binns says they are now calling for an immediate cost-benefit analysis to be done to determine the impact of the mining operation on people’s life.

Joel Crosskill