August 3, 2019

A popular tourist attraction in the Portland parish, Somerset Falls has been severely affected by the present drought conditions in the country.

Currently,  there is no water at the waterfall, which many visit to site to see.

The operators of the attraction along with residents and visitors are now concerned that the lack of rainfall might result in the eventual closure of the area.

Sections are now visibly dry to the point that persons can walk along areas that were previously covered by water which has led to many expressing further concerns about less local and international visitors; those who presently visit are confined to the pool and slides.

It is being said that this will inevitably affect operators from making a profit from the tourist attraction.

One resident shared that there is no water at the source of the waterfall, hence the reason it is now dry.

However, despite the lack of the main attraction, visitors still continue to visit; operators however are concerned that this might soon change.

Khadijah Thomas