The Scientific Research Council (SRC) is slated to commence medical cannabis-related evaluations in September.

Executive Director, Dr. Cliff Riley, says this is among the initiatives being undertaken in support of the industry’s build-out through partnerships forged with the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA).

Dr. Riley said the SRC has invested heavily in acquiring the requisite advanced equipment to conduct reliable tests and evaluations,in order to provide credible information to various stakeholder interests.

They include persons adhering to the legally stipulated maximum of five cultivated cannabis plants,cannabis licensees, as well as the regulatory body, to ensure the public is protected.

Dr. Riley indicated that the SRC also has the capabilities to test the entire spectrum of terpenes – the taste profiles and aroma of cannabis – which have been linked to the treatment of cancer in a recent university study.

“Public safety is one of the major focuses of the SRC, and we aim to always use advanced technologies to ensure that precise information is provided which can guide policy and can also inform the public in terms of making good decisions,” Dr. Riley emphasized.

He assured that the SRC remains “committed to ensuring that the technological advancements and whatever information is required to make good decisions is available and easily accessible by members of the public, to ensure that we grow as a country”.