July 27,2019

Jamaica is on a mission to tackle an influx of sargassum across the Caribbean, as it leads an regional effort to find a solution.

Sargassum more commonly called seaweed has reached high levels of growth causing a nuisance as it washes up on beaches. It has adversely impacted economic opportunities within the tourism sector.

Tourism Minister, Edmund Bartlett notes that the epidemic issue goes beyond the government. He says seaweed has been having an adverse effect on national and regional economies with a substantial loss of livelihood and economic opportunities, primarily in the fisheries and tourism sectors over the last eight years.

“It has already been estimated that tourism has dropped as much as 35 per cent as a consequence of sargassum algae washing up on a 480-kilometre-long stretch of otherwise pristine Caribbean beaches,” Mr. Bartlett said.

The minister shares a suggestion where he carefully outlined that preventing the seaweed from coming to shore would be the best solution to combat the issue.

Robian Williams.