Jamaican football is center stage for the upcoming Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL), as five multimedia companies have come together to formulate the best in sports coverage, debuting together as 3ROCK Sports.

Scheduled to kick off on Sunday, September 1st, the media entities, CVM TV, Phase 3, Ready TV, the Jamaica Observer, and KLAS ESPN Radio have come together to collectively throw down with each company’s unique strengths and capabilities. Charging through their agenda to service sports fans local and international, offering a holistic grade of coverage for over 200 games.

Speaking at the official launch, C.E.O of Ready TV, Chris Dehring said that 3ROCK will be setting the stage for what he considers an unprecedented and historical delivery of Jamaican football and by extension intellectual property.

The PLCA has taken a huge leap by partnering with 3ROCK, as it marks an opportunity for the exposure of local football in the international circuit. The new RSPL season is set to feature 12 teams competing on 33 match days. You can catch the games live on Sundays and Mondays on CVM TV.

Watch the upcoming highlight game Monday, September 2nd with the  defending champions, Portmore United, against newcomers, Molynes United.