July 29, 2019

Banana farmers in Rio Grande Valley in the parish of Portland are seeking assistance from the Ministry of Agriculture, as they say they were given the fhia banana to produce, however there is no market for the product. 

The farmers are complaining that consumers do not want to buy the fhia banana as they say the banana is soggy and has no taste. 

They want to return to the original banana crop which is more expensive that the fhia banana and are looking to produce alternative crops and rear animals as a way to survive.   

General Manager of the Banana Industry Board, Janet Conie sought to provide an explanation to the struggling farmers.

She says the chip factory in the parish was privately owned and as such, the board has little control over that issue. 

CVM LIVE understands that the All Island Banana Growers Association Limited received $10 million from the government in 2013 to build a factory in St Mary that would secure a future for the fhia banana but that is yet to materialize. 

Conie is encouraging farmers to continue farming the fhia banana crop as there are plans to utilize the banana as part of an island-wide community project.   

Robian Williams