Although Prime Minister Andrew Holness recently signed 3 of 5 contracts to expand Harbour View St. Andrew to St. Thomas as part of the South Coast Highway Improvement project to begin at the end of September, the residents of eastern St. Thomas aren’t very hopeful.

They argue that they are tired of the continued neglect and disrespect by Prime Minister Holness, they believe that growth and development are nowhere near where they need to be.

However, while the Member of Parliament for Eastern St.Thomas, Fenton Ferguson is disappointed that the initial design for the highway is no longer in the making, he’s looking on the brighter side.

Ferguson says he’s pleased that the Prime Minister recently signed 3 of the 15 sections for the South Coast Highway from Harbour View to Port Antonio.

Additionally, he notes that Prime Minister Holness has given him his word that in another three weeks he will be signing the contract for the construction of the section from Morant Bay to Prospect.  

At the same time, Ferguson is concerned with the timeline of the work to be done.

He says without proper timelines, work done on these roads and sections could be drawn out, adding that the residents need to be assured that work will be done on time and done well.

-Aladden Love