June 17,2019

Elive Unplugged had a robust discussion  with World Reggae Dancehall Legend, John Taylor who is passionately known as “Chaka Demus” who has been navigating the musical realm for over three decades, shared and give us an insight of his experiences. 

 He says in the early 80’s while Jamaica was experiencing a political battle, his mother encouraged him to leave his community because of how volatile the environment was.

He was born and fathered in the community of Waterhouse, which is infamously known for its culture of war and constant violence.

He says during this period, he left and went to stay with a relative in the Papine area and that’s where he met a sound producer monikered as “Russ Majestic”.

He shared he was acting in the capacity as a Dj, which during the time he was 21 years old.

He noted  that he had developed a special love for Deejaying during his early age where he was introduced to sound mechanics while attending parties, however, it was until he had relocated to Papine is when he realized how good he was.