Domestic Violence is on the increase in the parish of Portland. This is according to a Police Corporal in the parish. Corporal Oniel Bailey said the statistics are proof that there is a need for conflict resolution sessions.

“Last year, 2018, for the entire year, we have 16 murders in Portland and 5 of that 16 murder was domestic violence, and of course last year this time, we have 12 murders in Portland.”

Speaking at a domestic violence fair in Portland, he says the police are working towards eliminating these instances.

He is now calling on citizens to work with the police by providing information on domestic violence in homes to prevent a tragic end.

“If you come to the police and you want the help, if you want counselling we can assist you,” he says.

The 2016 Women’s Survey states that one in every four jamaican women have experienced physical violence by male partners, and more than 70 percent have experienced sexual abuse.

To educate Portland’s residents about the prevalence of abuse and what actions can be taken, the Jamaica coalition against domestic violence along with the Jamaica constabulary force have formed a partnership to approach the issue.

“I am saying to the men who have been affected, come and make a report. Ensure that you leave the part to us that you worried. Don’t worry about it. Just come to us and we will assist you throughout the process.”

The Portland Police are now working to raise greater awareness about domestic violence in the parish, as a significant number of murders in the parish have been linked to intimate partner violence.