July 31, 2019

CVM LIVE has been investigating reports of alleged mistreatment of security officers in the private security industry. 

One employee from Quest Security sat down with CVM LIVE to describe some of the issues affecting the workers. 

From allegations of mandatory charges, to statutory salary deductions for taxes that were not paid, the worker said there is a great deal of mistrust between staff and management at the security company. 

The officer says workers at the security firm are given sim a card but no phone, and when asked how to use it, the company conveniently sells dual sim phones which they are encouraged to purchase.

The worker further disclosed that security guards at the company were once paid using commercial banking institutions now the company issues a pre-paid credit card to staff.  

The worker says this situation is not unique to Quest Security as security guards at other companies are experiencing the same situation. 

 Jamaila Maitland