August 1, 2019

CVM LIVE continues to investigate allegations of mistreatment of security guards within the private sector.

Previously, we carried a report from a security officer at the Quest Security Company, who complained about mistreatment being meted out to workers at the company. 

Security guards of the company complained of deductions being taken from their salary that were not being paid over to the relevant government body. 

One employee complained of being provided with a SIM card by the security firm, only to have the company later selling them mobile phones to go along with the sim card higher than their being sold for on the market.   

In part two of our investigation, CVM LIVE reporter Jamaila Maitland speaks to the management of the Quest Security Company about the allegations.

Director at Quest Security Company, Rachel Dibbs says the company maintains a very good working relationship with its security officers. 

Ms. Dibbs noted that the company’s customer care department addresses both clients and workers complaints, which she says has process that one must go through to have their issue dealt with.  

When quizzed about deductions being made from the security guards salary for services they are not receiving, Ms. Dibbs clarified that workers do have access to services such as health insurance. 

Ms.Dibbs stated that Quest Security Company do take pride in their workers and has several amenities in place to cater to the need of its workers.

Jamaila Maitland