A prominent attorney has been found guilty of professional misconduct by the General Legal Council disciplinary committee.

The ruling published on July 26, 2019 found the attorney, Raymond Clough guilty of inexcusable and deplorable negligence contrary to Canon IV of the Canons of Professional Ethics Rules. The attorney is said to have also allowed a law student to act in the capacity of an attorney thereby deceiving members of the public.

The complaint was made by Attorney Frank Phipps.

The development has led the President of the Jamaica Bar Association, Emile Leiba to make a call for lawyers to adhere to the Canons of Professional Ethics. 

According to Leiba, lawyers must be mindful of the work that they do and ensure that they are acting as they were trained.

Attorney Raymond Clough will be suspended for one year effective September 1. He also has to pay $400,000 to Frank Phipps and $850,000 to the General Legal Council