Four Haitians Rescued From Boat 

Four male Haitians migrants are now in Portland after being rescued from a boat by fishermen in St. Margarets Bay, earlier this morning. The men are reportedly part of a group of ten but the where abouts of the other 6 remain unknown. Based on police reports, the men explained through an interpreter that they had issues at sea.

“The men identified themselves as Haitian fishermen and indicated that they were at sea and encountered mechanical problems with their vessel and drifted into this part of the island,” Deputy Superintendent of Police Throyville Haughton disclosed.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Throyville Haughton of the Portland Police division say the men were taken to be medically examined and the boat isolated, based on recommendations by the health department.

“Where we go from here will be determined by the various conclusions from the health department and the police. The men appeared to be exhausted. As soon as we continue the various processes we can determine where we go from there. The men will be isolated and kept at a facility until we can determine where we go from there,” the Senior Cop explained.

The arrival of Haitians in Jamaica comes at a time when their country is in political and economic turmoil. There have been ongoing protests in the French-speaking country for months and haitians have been seeking asylum in other countries.