June 12,2019

A member of the Public Administration and Appropriations Committee (PAAC) is calling on the president of the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU) to demit office following allegations of misappropriation of the institutions money.

Mickael Phillips, says Professor Fritz Pinnock should be suspended while the investigations take place.  The CMU has been at the centre of a number of allegations involving corruption and which are being looked into by the Financial Investigations Division (FID).

Mr. Phillips went further to state that it is critical that the matter be resolved soonest to protect and secure the credibility of the institution.

He also asked Dr. Pinnock  why the CMU has been reluctant to hand over financial documents for investigation.

However, Dr. Pinnock fired back at the PAAC and said that approximately 95% of the documents requested were handed over.

He added that the FIDS decision to bring the matter before the court is misguided.