Members of the Portland Rafting Community are calling for intervention from the Tourism Ministry to boost their business.

The call follows claims being made that how they voted in the April 2019 East Portland By Election is reducing their business as less tourists are requiring their services along the Rio Grande river.

The President of the Raft Captain Association, Lawrence Chisholm shares that there are days when there aren’t any tourists who visit the site. He says for those who rely on rafting for a livelihood, it is affecting their ability to provide for their families.

He believes that the current slow business environment is due to the fact that many did not vote for the Jamaica Labour Party’s Annmarie Vaz and now raftmen are being politically sabotaged.

Another member of the Raft Captain Association disclosed to our newsteam that raft men often make 9 trips per week but as of late this has been reduced.

They believe that the Tourism Development Product Company arm of the Tourism Ministry is not working in their interests to help to grow their business. They say they have been in the rafting business for decades and this has been the worse summer for those involved in rafting.

Their call is for the Tourism Ministry to hear their plight and facilitate a meeting where they can discuss the situation and action be taken.

– Khadijah Thomas